This experience is an Active Meditation and suitable for all levels of practice. Whether you are new or a seasoned conscious breather, you will experience a deeper presence of your own body to explore what holds you back from your essential self. 

The Breath Circle is designed to bring your breathing habits into awareness. "That of which we do not know, we can not heal."  We teach the connected breathing technique, offer a guided music compilation to deepen the experience and share a vibrant energy field with like minded people to embark on a self-exploration journey. We invite the breath to divulge patterns, emotions, habits, and behaviors, then use the relaxation of the Exhale to create, express, imagine, explore and embrace life. 

You are invited to be who are you are, to learn more of what brings you joy, and to dive deep into the inner world of creativity. Integrative Breathwork is a safe, natural, and therapeutic. 

The circle opens with a centering meditation, teachings of breath awareness, conscious breathing and our response to the respiratory system, a 1 hour breathe session, quiet time for reflection, and a closing dialogue about breath our experience, and breath as a practice.

Nutritious snack will be provided following our breathe. 

Due to amazing increased interest and waiting lists, we will not be offering refunds on cancellations mades within 24 hours of the Circle.