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Do you have negative thoughts all day? Does the voice of reason seem to be lost? Are you having trouble falling asleep? If you answered yes to any or even just 1 of these concepts – it’s time to rethink how you think. It’s a fairly simple process, and it takes practice. This workshop will build your core mental strength around the tools to shift into positive thinking.

A  4 - hour workshop that will build your core mental strength using the tools to help you shift into positive thinking. Participants will learn the physiology of response to fear, stress and anxiety, and learn breathing techniques through experiential practice to manage fear, stress and anxiety.


Learn how to breathe consciously through experiential based practice

Demonstrate how breathing fully into the depths of the diaphragm can bring a new awareness to the body

Develop techniques to bring conscious breathing into every day life

Define the process of response to fear, stress and anxiety

Learn 3 new breathing exercises to help with fear, anxiety, worry and panic

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Cost: $60.00 per person

A special evening of breathwork and learning to see the world through compassionate & empowered eyes. This is an active meditation that will gently return you into the source of who you are. This breathing technique opens the flow of universal energy into your body so that you can clear out old, stuck, negative energy. Enjoy the feeling of lightness and freedom that self-love brings. 

We will gather in community to set our intentions for the healing before the breathing meditation. What old patterns are you ready to week out? What seeds of self-love are you willing to water and nurture to grow? We create a safe space for people to open up and let go of what is no longer serving them. This practice uses breath to empower shifts of new awareness.  With the use of blanket nesting, visualizations, music, aromatherapy, we provide the container for you to journey into yourself. 

The circle will include: 
Intention meditation
Teaching of conscious breathing technique
A full 1 hour breathwork session
Discussion about breathwork as a practice
Take home breathwork exercises

Location: 815 Ritchie Highway, Suite 218, Severna Park MD 21146

Investment: $45

​**Sorry, there are no refunds for cancellations due to limited space**

Rewired: Your Anxious Brain



Video calls held on last 4 Wednesday's in May - May 9, 16, 23 & 30 from 6pm - 7:30pm EST

Breathwork is the art of looking inside and discovering one’s own inner being. Breath awareness leads us not only to totally new inner experiences, but helps us also to transform our day-to-day life into a better, more meaningful and more fulfilling existence. Join me in a 4-week [breath]shop where we learn how to become aware of, in tune with and in control of our breath.  

Each week you will learn a new breath technique during a 1.5 hour video call, receive email tips and support from Erin, and become part of the Mindful Tribe network of conscious breathers. 

*Each participant will receive a 30 minute individualized breath session*

Week 1 : Awareness 

Week 2 - : Clarity

Week 3 - : Compassion

Week 4 - : Empowerment

Investment is $110


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