Breathwork & Life Coaching Changed My Life!

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I am pre-wired with anxiety. I felt lost, confused, defeated. My childhood trauma exploited me to self-destructing thoughts, escapism, addiction, and depression.

I was looking for acceptance outside of myself. I had built barriers around my soul and found it impossible to  express what I was feeling. I let noone in, I let nothing out. It was safe this way. Based on my upbringing I was shamed if I spoke what I felt. People drank their feelings. As did I. Therefore I was conditioned.

I had to learn another way. Sobriety found me in 2012, I began to uncover my shame, see my low self worth, the days and weeks I would spend in isolation because no one would understand. With several repeated failed relationships, I realized I was the problem, I was the common denominator.  I was miserable, and I hated myself.

A dear friend suggested I get help. I soon found myself in an Awakening class at the Inspiration Consciousness School in Fall of 2013.  It was there I began to explore my feelings and emotions, learn to quiet the mind long enough to feel, experience, and sense my body. My intention was “to learn to love myself.” I practiced, dug deep, uncovered years and years of shadows, re-processed childhood traumas. Learned new ways to breathe, explored self-destructing patterns & unrealistic expectations, thought provoking self-doubt and mental limitations. Through the process of Breathwork (and sincere willingness) – I began to ascend into clarity. I found a way to focus on the importance and priority of what I loved to do – help people help themselves, meanwhile I gave my mind the exercise it needed to begin thinking clearly, rationally, and positively.

Talking myself up rather than down, breathing through anxiety rather than hiding from the world. It was such an impact on my life, I wanted to share it with the world. So A Breath of Wellness began. It was only an idea at first, then a website, then when I lost my Corporate job in 2015, it became a reality. I began sharing the gift of Coaching and Breathwork to help people find clarity purpose and inner strength. With Breath + Mind Work Coaching, we use conscious awareness, mindset empowerment coaching and Breathwork to build healthy relationships with ourselves and others.

In 2007 I began learning and practicing mindfulness to heal my TMJ –  a jaw disorder induced by stress. Ever since, I have dedicated my work to practicing mindfulness, studying different methods of breath and learning ways to help you help yourself.

My Corporate career as a human resources professional of 11 years, ended in  2015 when I decided to leave the 9-5 lifestyle. The latter 5 years of that career, I shared my experience and time coaching staff and management to develop happiness, emotional health and balanced productivity at work. In 2014 I enrolled in a masters program to develop a fine tuned skillset in Coaching.  I earned a Master of Arts degree in April 2017 in Health & Wellness Coaching from Maryland University of Integrative Health.

I journeyed for 22 days in intense breath immersion at Baja BioSana Practitioner Program and was Certified as a Breath Therapist through One Sky International  in April of 2018. After 5 years of intense inner work and a 2 year Apprenticeship program at Inspiration Consciousness School, I was Certified as an Integrative Breathwork Practitioner in November of 2018. My personal practice includes over 10 years of  mindfulness and meditation, 5 years of monthly Integrative Breathwork Sessions and 3 years of part time life coaching with A Breath of Wellness. I continue to remain a beginner and learn with every breath.

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