Each person is unique and will receive individualized support for their emotional, physical and spiritual journey. We recommend booking at least 3 sessions at a time to fully immerse and experience the nature of the work. This gives us the time to explore habits, create new patterns and use the techniques to navigate daily day life. You will receive the tools you need to manage, maintain and continue your own healing and developmental process. Each session lasts approximately 90 minutes.

We offer sliding scale payments to anyone who requires financial help.


Individual Breathwork Healing Session

Each breath we take is an opportunity to learn about ourselves. We will not only teach you how to breathe more efficiently with the science of Breathwork, but also how to use the power of breath to create emotional balance in your personal and professional life. Integrative breathing synchronizes the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems to allow increased relaxation and energy. This process allows us to experience non-ordinary states of consciousness in which each breath becomes an opportunity for healing the tensions that maintain fear-based behaviors. It promotes the development of our essential self and unique gifts. Each person’s process of self-discovery is unique and very different. This transformational process can be used to heal physical, emotional and cognitive blocks / change long standing patterns of self-limitations / reduce anxiety and tension in the body / heal trauma from conception to present / promote optimal wellness / support the immune system. Each session is a doorway to another channel of clarity that we use to build new habits of consistency, emotional resilience and self-healing.

Youth Breathwork Therapy

Our teens are under a lot of pressure. They experience stress from the desire to do well in school or as an athlete, being popular among their friends, being responsible at home, and they often feel like they are doing it all wrong. This can lead to stress, anxiety and feeling disconnected. Breathwork is a great therapeutic modality for teens because it is an active meditation that helps them connect to their body, creates a wave of focus and teaches them emotional regulation. The results they experience are immediate which is perfect for their attention span. A 60 minute session includes a guided relaxation exercise, followed by breath coaching and experiential training of stress relieving breath techniques. An individualized breath plan to use between sessions is included.

Couples Breathwork

Breathing with your partner is an incredible way to find more intimacy and depth in your relationship. Whether the two of you are working through something difficult, committing to marriage, or preparing to grow your family, breathwork can create the container for a beautiful shared experience that will bridge upon the depth and interpersonal experiences of breath. It is suggested that each person do one individual session prior to engaging in a couples session to experience the nature of the technique and to explore any questions about the process.

Curiosity Session

Are you curious about Breathwork, and interested in learning more before you invest time and money? You may have a lot of unanswered questions so we have created a special session just for you to inquire, practice and get to know your own breath. This is an opportunity for an open dialogue to ask questions, share feelings and to vet Erin and the process. This session is conducted via Zoom video-conferencing, and will last approximately 30 minutes.