The integration of Breathwork + Mindfulness + Life Coaching has taken a front seat in every environment. Anyone can benefit from this powerful, self-healing model. People from Corporate America, Crossfit gyms, Rock Walls, Navy Seals, teachers, or in your family of 5 environment this program can help you change perspective, become awakened and start living in emotional health! Once you learn the tools and have mastered the skill of breath awareness, you can take these steps with you everywhere. Online mentorships, the Mindful Tribe Meditation Group and Breathwork sessions will bring you back to your roots. You have taken a huge step in seeking out self-healing, I invite you to start today. 

We don't have to do it alone. I am here to help! Only YOU have the power to shape - shift your world into everything you dream it to be.

Stop saying no, I can't, I don't know how and say YES to I will, I can and I'm enough!

I am a coach, a mentor and your breath awareness guide of self-discovery, self-empowerment, and self-healing (I will walk with you hand in hand through all the yucky stuff too). That’s what you are looking for right? Something doesn’t feel right, there is more out there and you want something different – anything, just to not feel stuck doing the same old things getting the same old results.

I hear you so let's get started. The journey begins and continues with YOU!

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​Life doesn't have to be so difficult - there is an easier, softer way! Through years of negative conditioning and learned behaviors we act and react the only way we know how - silent treatments, isolation, binge eating, addiction, screaming, sleeping, etc.  How are these reactions working for you today? Do those same behavior patterns we learned when we were young help us in corporate america, at the gym, in our marriage, at the children's soccer game? NO! So why do we still use them - because we never learned new ones!! There is hope my friends. Integrative Coaching will provide you the space, time and unconditional support you need to rebuild patterns of behavior that bring you joy, happiness and love.  It is a method that allows you to let go of what no longer serves you, and to reinvent positive ways of being and new breathing patterns to help you deal with stress, anger, sadness and frustration - to be the person you were meant to be!

Creating new behavior patterns is the core of breathwork. Breathwork is a tool that can support you in the journey of divorcing from limiting human patterning and negative conditioning  and integrating into the new you! You are one click away from saying YES to a new way of living.

You will learn conscious breathing techniques, receive one on one support from me as your Coach and breath mentor,  and an individually designed program to bring you back to the Essence that you are.  â€‹Integrative Coaching programs are designed with you in mind. We incorporate a supportive mentorship that walks with you each step of the way - encouraging you through hurdles and road blocks, supporting you through the many changes you will make, and cheering you through all the amazing accomplishments. 

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