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Not until we are lost do we fully begin to understand ourselves.


Breathwork & Integration Coaching

Through Breathwork & Integration Coaching, our mission is to help you create emotional balance and build muscle memory to find calm in stressful situations. We explore an inner relationship with your Higher Self. We work with you to build a road map to physical, spiritual & emotional wellness using the POWER of your own BREATH.


A self-healing experience

Breathwork is a road map to awakening


We are all born into love - we are fearless, unconditional, spiritual beings. As children, we instinctively found access to survival skill(s) that conditioned our need for love, support & safety. Through adolescence and young adulthood many of us were not taught a healthy way of coping with fear, insecurity and vulnerability. We continued on with the survival techniques we used as children into our adult life.

Breathwork & Integration is a therapeutic self-healing experience that creates awareness around the way you breathe, the way you think, and ultimately the way you behave. It allows you to become aware of the survival skills you are still using while helping you to create new ways of being through different breathing patterns.

You are unique to your own breath, we explore your breath habits, help you learn a more efficient way to use the respiratory system, and build an integration process around your specific needs. The Breath of Wellness Integration Process is a program that incorporates several schools of breath, individualized healing plans and one on one support until you reach a level of emotional non-reactivity that you can integrate into everyday life.


Breathe the breath that allows you to grow.


Private Sessions

Create a flow of empowerment with forward moving strategies of breath, coaching & mindset that create a breakthrough into the gift that you are.


Group Breath Events

Experience the collective energy of others as we intimately observe the breath, work our constructs in compassion, fears into love and anxieties into peaceful awareness.


Corporate Breathwork

Recharge your mental batteries, increase concentration and strategic thinking, improve your relationships and flexibility and manage your stress and anxiety.